The mission of the School Counseling Program at Walter T. Bergen Middle School is to assist students with academic, emotional and social issues.  Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is both exciting and challenging for students.  There are many new responsibilities that students will take on in addition to exciting opportunities and experiences.  During your time at Walter T. Bergen Middle School you may find yourself having trouble with some aspect of school, be it academically or socially; should this occur you are encouraged to seek out the help of your school counselor, Ms. Millward.

Some of the services that are offered through the School Counseling Program are:

Individual Counseling: Ms. Millward is available to meet with students to address academic, personal and social concerns.

High School Scheduling: Students from Walter T. Bergen Middle School have many options when choosing where to attend high school.  While the majority of our students go on to Butler High school, some choose to investigate other schools. Morris County Technical High School and Passaic County Technical Institute School are examples of other schools our students have attended.  During the Fall of your 8th grade year representatives from these schools will come to speak with the students. Ms. Millward is available to assist in the application for alternative schools as well as aiding the scheduling for Butler High School.

New Student Orientation: Students new to Walter T. Bergen Middle School will receive a tour of the school as well as continued support from Ms. Millward .

Conferencing: Ms. Millward is available at both the fall and spring conferences as well as needed throughout the year to meet with parents and teachers, as needed.

Testing: As testing coordinator, Ms. Millward organizes all standardized tests for the students.  Any questions or concerns regarding testing should be directed to her.

504 Coordinator: The purpose of a 504 plan is to ensure all students, including those with a disability, have equal access to an education.  Necessary accommodations and modifications are implemented through a 504 plan in order to guarantee this is received.  Ms. Millward is the 504 Coordinator for the district.  Any student who has a medical condition rendering the need for accommodations should contact Ms. Millward .

Anti-Bullying Specialist: Part of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act requires each school to assign a person to complete investigations of all acts of suspected HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying).  If a student feels he or she is the victim of HIB or has witnessed an act of HIB he or she should report it immediately to a teacher, principal or counselor. Additionally, in this role Ms. Millward will lead the Safety Team in effort to prevent bullying and improve the overall school climate.


If you have any questions regarding the above areas should be directed to Ms. Millward .  She can be reached at 973-838-4684 or by email