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The Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) program is an important source of funding for school districts to help offset the cost of some related services for students with IEPs.This is a program that is mandatory for school districts to participate in. Your child's case manager will be contacting you to ask for your written consent allowing us to send information to Medicaid and the Department of Treasury to apply for reimbursement for services such as speech, occupational therapy, counseling, and/or physical therapy. This program does NOT affect personal insurance, even if you are a medicaid recipient. You do not have to have Medicaid for us to get reimbursement. This is a program established by the federal government to help school districts fund services.The school district is required to get parents to sign the form, however parents can check the box that states they do not consent. Giving your consent will assist the district in receiving funds to support related service programs. If you have any questions, please reach out to your case manager .