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Moving to High School

You and your child should begin to plan for this transition as early as sixth grade. Planning early will give your family time to consider which high school options will best support your child in fulfilling goals for college, careers, and independent living. Here are some recommended steps you can take with your CST to prepare when your child is in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

Grade 7

Think about High School

At your child’s annual IEP meeting:

  • Ask about your child’s progress and how your child’s special education programs/services will help your child meet the challenges of eighth grade and high school.
  • Discuss whether changes to your child’s IEP may be needed to support growth and progress in eighth grade and prepare your child for high school.
  • To better understand the high school admissions process, attend family workshops the summer before your child begins eighth grade

Grade 8

At your child’s annual IEP meeting:

  • Ask about transition planning and the special education programs/services that will help your child achieve your child’s goals.
  • Discuss high school graduation requirements and diploma options.
  • In June and over the summer, attend high school orientations and/or information sessions at your child’s future high school.