Extended School Year Services

Your child’s IEP may recommend Extended School Year (ESY) services (also known as “11-month services”). ESY services are special education instructional programs and/or related services provided during July. ESY services are different from general education summer school.

If your child was determined to require ESY services at his/her IEP meeting, the IEP team recommended either that s/he receive the same program and services in July as in September–June, or less intense services, according to his/her individual needs. The 11-month Service and/or Program page of your child’s IEP shows whether your child is recommended for ESY and, if so, which services will be provided.

  • If your child’s IEP recommends a special class program for ESY, s/he will not attend general education summer school.
  • If your child’s IEP recommends related services, s/he may attend general education summer school (on the same basis as students not recommended for ESY), in addition to receiving his/her recommended related services and/or instructional services.