Regular Meeting January 20, 2021 at 7:00 pm
  Bloomingdale Schools Re-Entry Plan
  Library Service to Students (pdf)
  Positions Available (pdf)
  Leave Replacement Opening (pdf)
  Current Employment Opportunities (pdf)
  8th Grade Graduation Letter (pdf)
  Preschool Flyer Information (pdf)
  Kindergarten Registration 2020 (pdf)
  Bloomingdale Schools Contingency Operation Plan 2020 (pdf)
  Message From John J. Petrelli, Interim Superintendent of Schools
  NJDOE FAQ School Closures
  *Coronavirus School Closing* (pdf)
  NJ DOH *Update* Coronavirus
  NJDOH Coronavirus Information
  CDC Coronavirus FAQ
  Census 2020
  E-Cigarettes & Vaping Information for Parents
  PTA Membership Packet (pdf)
  Media Violence and Youth (pdf)
  DOE On-line Tutorial - HIB